17 for an Apple Store flight worth $ 1 million

San Francisco: US police have announced the arrest of 17 people accused of theft crime against Apple stores in 19 districts of California, resulting in a loss of more than a million dollars.
Earlier this week, during the iPhone XS launch weekend, tens of thousands of dollars were stolen in electronic products from the Apple Store in Palo Alto, California in less than 12 hours.
In two days, the store in Palo Alto was full of $ 107,000 in iPhone, computers and electronic devices.
The two flights to the Apple Store in Palo Alto are last week following the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Super Premium, which attracted more than average Apple Store enthusiasts over the week-end.
“The defendants are accused of joining the group in large groups of hoodies and instant products,” Prosecutor General Xavier Becerra said in a statement on Friday.
In some cases, the group was able to recover goods worth over $ 20,000.

“Seven adults were arrested and detained at the Alameda District Detention Center on September 25. Another detainee was detained in Sonoma County and issued arrest warrants for nine other suspects,” Becerra added.
In recent years, burglaries have become common in Apple stores, with suspects on incredibly expensive products progress incredibly fast.
Between the end of August and September, six Apple stores in the region were reportedly robbed at least nine times.
According to Fox News, an Apple store in Santa Rosa was looted for the second time in less than a month on Sunday.

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