Hacked 50 Million Facebook Accounts: How to know if your account was hacked or not and more

In a shocking violation of user data, it was announced yesterday that up to 50 million Facebook accounts were hacked. This is a blow to the reputation of huge social networks, already under the Cambridge Analytica scandal that broke out in March. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the offense in a Facebook post and said that the company was not sure whether these accounts were “abused” or not. So what led to the data breach? How many accounts are affected and, more importantly, what can you do now? Here’s what you need to know about the privacy of Facebook:

How were the accounts hacked? The “View as” function led to hack2 / 10How the accounts were hacked: “Show as” led to the hack
Facebook has announced that the violation occurred because of the “Show as” feature. This feature allows users to see how their profile looks relative to others. Hackers targeted the code for this feature and stolen “access tokens”. In other words, they used it to support people’s accounts.

When did piracy really happen? Date unknown3 / 10 Piracy occurred: date unknown
The feature was introduced in July 2017. Facebook discovered the hacking only at the beginning of the week. It is therefore difficult to know exactly when hacking took place or how long hackers kept your data.

Who’s behind the hack: Not known yet4 / 10Who is behind the hack: Not yet known
Facebook has no idea about it. The company alerted the FBI and said the investigation was ongoing. But he does not know who is behind the attack.

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